VapirRise 2.0


Product Description

VapirRise 2.0-Ultimate… Up to 420°F with Fan or No-Fan

The Godfather – “Vape Together”

The Ultimate in elite vaporizer design and functionality, the newest addition to the Vapir Vaporizer Family is Rise – godfather of the vapor world. We’ve meshed future tech with historical expertise to deliver a present-day vaporizer experience worth remembering.
This premium convection vaporizer is a stationary desktop model – which means it isn’t intended for on-the-go consumption. The VapirRise2.0-Ultimate offers an exceptional -(some say ‘clinical’) approach to the at-home vaporization experience.
Users can control the temperature (in both degrees Celsius & Fahrenheit); control the Fan Speed (ten options including a fanless setting!); pick between a balloon or hose inhalation methods; and choose to serve up to four people at once with the exclusive hookah adapter!
The VapirRise2.0-Ultimate is the culmination of responsive design and intuitive functionality: this is the most customizable vaporizer on the market.
Sit down, turn on, and Rise Up with Vapir!


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