Passionfruit Bubblegum - 70VG

Passionfruit Bubblegum
Your next passion starts right here. Passionfruit on the tart side meets up with a glorious bubble gum. 

Spearmint Gum - 70VG

Spearmint Gum
Delicious spearmint flavor that will refresh you from tongue to toe. Set your taste buds a tingling with the invigorating sensation of Spearmint Gum! 

Bubblegum - 70VG


That moment when you open a soft piece of pink bubblegum from the wrapper and start chewing it. This flavorful on-point bubblegum e juice tastes just like the real thing leaving that smooth tasty bubblegum flavor on the exhale. 

Grape Blow Pop - 70VG

Grape Blow Pop
An outstanding grape candy taste infused with bubble gum.

Bubblegum Ice Cream - 70VG

Bubblegum Ice Cream
Ice cream meets up with bubble gum to create the most decadent flavour yet.

Sour Strawberry Bubblegum - 70VG

Sour Strawberry Bubblegum 

Strawberry with a hint of sour blends deliciously into a bubble gum base to create something extraordinary. 

Bubbles is sold in 60ml bottles and in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg Strengths